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Traditionally trained

As a time served wheelwirght, Joe Fredricks is passionate about craft and quality, working with an effective mix of traditional hand tool methods and machine work to create lasting and quality pieces fit for purpose. 

Our passion

Here at J Fredricks wheelwright and joiner we are driven to create long lasting and beautiful pieces for our clients. Utilizing traditional skills that have been passed down through the generations to ensure that we achieve the high level of quality our clients expect. From the careful selection of timber to the last finishing detail we use the absolute best to make your dreams projects come to life.

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As a time served wheelwright and traditional joiner it is important to keep the old skills alive and to continue to learn. Here at J Fredricks wheelwright and joiner we keep in contact with a network of talented tradesmen from across the globe drawing on a range of experience in different fields to progress our own skill set but also with the aim of passing on the skills to future generations.